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Pirandai - Medium

Pirandai - Medium

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8 inches Pirandai plant in 6 inch pot

Its stem and root parts are only useful for medicinal purpose. It is also used to make nice chutney


Plant may be shipped with little soil and no pots to reduce shipping weights.

  • Pirandai basics

    • Pirandai basics

      Cissus quadrangularis commonly known as (Pirandai) is a perennial plant of the family Vitaceae It is also known as Adamant creeper, Square stalked vine, veldt grape, devil's backbone, adamant creeper, asthisamharaka, hadjod and pirandai.Similarly It is known as Sannalam, Nalleru, Vajravelli, Mangara valli in diffrent language.


      Pirandai is a perennial herb with medicinal properties distributed throughout the tropical world and It is one of the most frequently used medicinal plants in India. It is believed that the plant is native to India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Java and West Africa. This plant is studied for its phytochemical constitution, pharmacological activities and toxicological evaluation .Above all,It is used for bone healing . Cissus quadrangularis synonym Cissus succulent popularly known as horjora in Hindi and pirandai in Tamil belongs to the family Vitaceae.Similarly The plant is widely seen in tropical forest regions of Asia and Africa.

      Pirandai looks :

      Basically the stem is quadrangular with internodes at every 4 to 15 cms depending on the length of the stem also the plant produces flowers. In addition  pirandai can be found in home gardens and terrace gardens.

      Scientific classifications:

      Kingdom            :plantae 

      Subkingdom      :Tracheobionta 

      Super division  :Spermatophyta 

      Division           :Magnoliophyta 

      Class                :Magnoliopsida 

      Sub class          :   Rosidae

       Order                :Vitales

       Family              :   Vitaceae 

      Genus               :Cissus 

      Species             :   Quadrangularis  

  • Growing conditions

    • Growing condition


      It is a sun-loving plant and  grows remarkably well, However when it gets 4-5 hours of bright, direct sunlight every day. Therefore it can survive a shady location with an occasional bright light but prefer locations like a sunny windowsill, terrace and balcony for growing this beautiful vine succulent.


      It is a heat-loving plant and It thrives well in the temperature range 50-90 F (10-32C) and does quite good in the room temperature.


      Plant will do quite well in garden or houseplant earth and using a pot mix with quick moving drainage and act of putting air makes for a very good and highest quality of growth for this plant.


      A drought-tolerant plant and doesn’t need regular watering but it is better to water only when the topsoil completely dries out. Avoid overwatering because it can lead to root rot and end up harming your plant. Similarly make sure your pot has enough drainage holes to allow the excess water to drain out.  

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