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Our Story

Old way is the new of  leading life

Our ancestors knew something we lost while developing as modern human beings. The secret they followed very will is to live with the nature instead live against nature. Even Today other species in the world live with the nature except humans. 

Our moto is to mix the good things found  old and which found in new ways of life. We are sure we will continue to evolve as we grow, but we needed to start somewhere. That is where we come in. 

We are the way to help you start over your habits with some good old things. 

We are a family owned company. Our family is blessed to be close knitted for 6 generations. My son knows his 6th cousin. He is a special child which was first in our family. That made us wonder what is different. My cousins helped me out with food habits. Which is the only thing that brought out some of my Son's potential. We are just spreading the job. We are a start up so we started small. Our goal is to spread the job of natural food to our fellow humans both is USA and back home. When we are blessed enough we will spread it to everyone. An affordable, healthy and natural food. 

Please look forward to our announcements. We will surprise you with our products. 

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