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Supreme Grand duke / Big tiger jasmine/ Butt Mogra

Supreme Grand duke / Big tiger jasmine/ Butt Mogra

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Supreme Grand duke/ Big tiger jasmine/ Rose jasmine  12 inch tall

Ships with 6 inch pot


This tropical outdoor plant produces pretty flowers that resemble a white carnation. Jasmine’s are popular for their beautiful fragrance. The scent is just heavenly! The blooms are seen during the warmer months in tropical climates. 


Fantastic fragrance. The flowers look similar to ‘Grand Duke of Tuscany’ but are double the size.

Supreme would be like a Grand Duke on steroids. The leaves are larger, the flowers are bigger and the plant will be bigger as well. Besides that, the growth habit is pretty much the same.

  • Specification

    -Full sun outdoors.

    -Average/medium water.

    -Average fertilizer and pruning.

    -Blooms during the warmer months, spring-fall in south Florida.

    -May take mid-high 20’s F for a short period of time, but best to keep above freezing.

    Fasciation is common on the Jasmine ‘Grand Duke of Tuscany’ and especially on “Supreme”. Even though we grow all the varieties of Jasmines together, you only see fasciation on those two varieties. That doesn’t mean that all of the flowers would be like that. Some are, others are not.
    Fasciation is when the flowers fuse or bundle into one large flower. It is quite interesting.

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