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Starter Raat Ki Rani - 4 inch pot

Starter Raat Ki Rani - 4 inch pot

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This is one of the most fragrant plants that we sell. The flowers smell heavenly in the evening and night time. This is a very fast growing and strong tropical plant.


Cestrum nocturnum has the strongest fragrance out of all the fragrant plants we carry. In the evening, the fragrance becomes almost intoxicating.
It is a common misconception that this bush is fragrant only at night. It is true that the fragrance is stronger in the evening but you can still smell a light scent all day long. Plants bloom on and off during the warmer months of the year. Night Blooming Jasmine grows very fast. You will have to trim it back (after the flowers) and upgrade the pot size after a while. They should not be grown in pots forever, but new plants can be started easily from cuttings if the plant gets too big and old.

  • Specification:

    ORIGIN : tropical America
    MATURE SIZE : 8′ if not trimmed, very trimmable
    LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : full/partial sun
    WATER REQUIREMENTS : keep moist
    MIN. TEMP. : low 30’s for short periods
    FLOWER : warmer months of the year
    COMMENTS: flowers are green, small and not very showy, not a true Jasmine

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