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Pichi poo / Poet Jasmine /Pink jasmine vine variety / Jaathi malli - small

Pichi poo / Poet Jasmine /Pink jasmine vine variety / Jaathi malli - small

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PoetJasmine /Pink jasmine vine variety / Pichi poo / Jaathi malli /Jasminum officinale in 4 or 6 inch pot well established with lots of branches.


A beautiful jasmine with single blooms, that contain a sweet, rich, fragrance. They are a wonderful spring to fall bloomer that love to vine. This specific jasmine is great potted as a container plant when trained with a stake or trellis.

Jasminum grandiflorum, also known as Jasminum officinale. Jasmines are popular for their beautiful fragrance/scent from their blooms, which is just lovely. The blooms can be seen blooming in the warmer months making them a great addition to your spring and summer gardens. They are great as container plants but need to be supported with stakes or trellises. They are quick growers and have a strong root system.


FAMILY: OleaceaeORIGIN: South Asia, India, NepalTYPE/USES: Shrub in a container or in the garden for tropical climate growersMATURE SIZE: Up to 3 feetLIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Full SunWATER REQUIREMENTS: AverageTEMPERATURE: 60 – 80 degrees F.FLOWER: Spring, Summer, Fall – Fragrant

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